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Ander bio

Anders got his start in magic at an early age.  As a 5 year old he received a Fisher-Price Magic set for Christmas from his uncle.  That one gift turned Anders on to the world of magic and many more magic sets and books followed.  His first public performance was for his fellow kindergarten classmates. Throughout his school years show and tell proved to be an excellent outlet to show off his new found abilities.

As he got older he started performing at birthday parties for money. A whole $5 for a 30 minute show.  With more and more shows under his belt he started performing at fairs and festivals in rural Manitoba.  Once out of high school he paid his way through university doing magic, earning himself a specialist Bachelor Degree in physics.

With the whole education thing out of the way, Anders pursued his passion full time and has been performing for conferences, trade shows and corporate events full time ever since.