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Team FX Team Building Workshop

"The Show Must Go On"

That's the famous saying in show business.  The show only goes on with the tireless work and dedication of a whole cast of crew and characters. Team FX is an interactive workshop that takes your team members and puts them in a situations where they literally have to perform under pressure. Your group will be taught how to trust your fellow "performers" on stage, and to rely on them to make you look. In addition each team member will learn how to communicate to a group more effectively. 

As a result of this training your people will:

  • Learn how to perform under fire
  • Improve communication skills 
  • Learn to trust other team members
  • Perform tasks under pressure
  • Experience out of the box problem solving
  • Be revealed inner secrets of magic and performance
  • Embrace your team members differences
  • Feel empowered by doing the "impossible"

Requirements: projector and screen

Length of workshop: 3 hours


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