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Teacher Professional Development


Anders' Hocus Focus is a perfect choice for a Teacher PD day. Your attendees will learn how to engage their students at a higher level. Using his experience of almost 30 years performing magic, Anders will reveal to your group the secrets of creating rapt attention. He will teach your teachers how to hold their classes spellbound and communicate your message in such a memorable way that it will be remembered long term. 

  • What are transformation mechanisms and how to use them effectively
  • Use the proper sequencing of information to create the highest memory retention rates
  • Create rapport with a large group and keep it for the duration
  • Learn how to create unforgettable moments that will be remembered long term
  • Control focus to direct your audience's attention to persuade, influence and communicate. 



"It was good to hear your unique insights on interpersonal dynamics and how they relate to the classroom."

Daryl Loepky, Lockport School



Great Teacher PD Day Feedback from Anders Boulanger on Vimeo.


Actual Feedback Form Comments:

"Anders was excellent!" (repeated many, many times!!) 

"Great to remind us that content and info. is useless without effective presentation!" 

“Anders was awesome! Better than any speaker ever." 

“Thoroughly enjoyed Anders!” 

“Anders was a breath of fresh air! Humour with a message.” 

“Anders was spectacular!” 



Another PD Day Success from Anders Boulanger on Vimeo.