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Keynotes, Trainings, and Workshops

 Mindmapping- How to think using your whole brain.  This interactive training teaches your group how to think more creatively and enable them to memorize information more quickly and effectively.

Based on the notebooks of Leonard Da Vinci, this technique brings the right brain into planning, and organizing of information. Whether you are a manager, planner, or a business owner who needs to get some perspective, mind mapping is for you.



 The Trick to Success- This 75 minute keynote combines magic, visual demonstrations to teach and establish time tested success principles. Anders will simplify the basics of NLP, visualization and self talk.


Hocus Focus- Perception is everything.Learning to communicate to audience is important. Having the audience receive the information and retain it long term is the challenge. Learn the secrets of conveying information in an exciting and entertaining way. Anders will reveal the techniques he uses to hold people’s attentions in the worst of possible situations. Learn to surgically implant information in the minds of your audience. Literally hold your audiences spellbound with Anders’ Hocus Focus. This makes for an exciting presentation at a teacher's professional development day.


Team F/X – “The show must go on!” is the famous theatre mantra.  The show only goes on through the hard work and teamwork of those involved in the production.  Learn how magic and performance can unite your team and empower them to overcome the most daunting tasks.  3 hour workshop. Team F/X Teambuilding.


Conjuring Creativity- Magicians are said to be some of the most creative people on the planet. Not only do they have the challenge of making impossible things appear to happen but also engineering a way to make it physically possible.  Learn how to think outside of the box and conjure your creativity.




Sales FX- Sales magic for sales professionals. This seminar will teach you the moves and techniques which will allow you to establish rapport and be remembered in your prospect's mind. You will also learn to integrate you product/service benefits into the presentation. Your sales team will learn effects using both common everyday objects, as well as some ultra-secret props that will be provided for them to use and keep after the presentation.